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About Us

Our Company:

The 25th anniversary of Pokémon and the Celebrations card set reinvigorated my love for the hobby, and from there I decided to start Ghost Tower Games in 2021. We're an online retailer of Pokémon cards, singles, and gaming supplies. We're hoping to eventually expand into other gaming products and open a physical gaming store.

Our Logo:

You might be able to tell already, but our logo is inspired by one of my favorite episodes from the original anime.

About the Owner:

I'm what you'd call an old school Pokémon fan. I remember cracking packs of the base set and swapping cards at recess. One of my best childhood memories is my mom taking me to the store and buying me a turquoise Gameboy Color with Pokémon Red and Blue. Even to this day I'm still partial to my original gen 1 and gen 2 Pokémon, but the newer generations are growing on me 😉. 

My Favorite PokémonGengar